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Join AIA Iowa and Iowa State University as we explore Adaptive Reuse in Rome, Italy.


Dates:  Arrive Friday June 8, 2018 - Depart Monday June 18, 2018


Location: Rome, Italy


Accommodations: Piazza delle Cinque Scole, 23, Rome, Italy


Educational Offerings: Up to 27.5 hours of continuing education


*Price: $2150 for Architect attendees who will be earning CEUs. Spouse registration is $600. Deposits are due by January 15, 2018 and full payments are due February 15, 2018.

Includes programming, 6 lunches, 2 dinners, lodging, and transit to and from lodging during programming. Reserve a private room in the shared apartment accommodations for $20 more per night. Details in registration.


Deposit: See amounts below- required by January 15, 2018. Amount will be applied to registration fee. Deposit (or full program costs if already paid in full) will be refunded if program is cancelled. Please pay in full by February 15th. Minimum of 18 participants required for the program to take place.


Not included: round trip airfare, transit to and from airport, passport/visa fees, meals not specified in itinerary, personal items and expenses, gratuities other than specified, damage or abuse of the lodging, travel insurance, other items not listed above in the itinerary.


*Prices, itinerary, accommodations and program offerings are subject to change.

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Attendee Type



Trip Cost

Deposit (Due 1/15)



15% ($90)

Full Payment Due

February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

25% ($537.50)


Adaptive Reuse- an exploration of Rome.

Come with us as we explore questions of sustainable urban renewal and long term preservation in one of the most architecturally rich cities of the world.


Jun 08, 2018


Arrival and check-in. Welcome drinks at the ISU Rome facilities.

Jun 09, 2018


Neighborhood tour of the ghetto. Free Afternoon.

Jun 10, 2018


Optional trip to Hadrian's Villa.

Jun 11, 2018


Ancient Archeology; introductory lecture & workshop on adaptive reuse in modern and Roman times &  afternoon site visits S. Clemente . Visit/meet architects/heads from the Soprintendenza Beni Culturali offices.

Jun 12, 2018


Visit Testaccio hill and neighborhood tour, visit Mattatoio and University of Rome Tre including a workshop with local professors and architects at R3 who designed/remodeled the old slaughterhouse.

Jun 13, 2018


Industrial Archeology in the 20th century: Visit Museo Montemartini and Mercati Generali, see samples of adaptive reuse, visit Architecture Studio Insula. Dinner at the old Porto Fluviale, a former industrial warehouse.

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Jun 14, 2018


Fascist renewal of the 20th century; Visit Ara Pacis and learn about Mussolini's urban renewal around Pz Augusto Imperatore. Meet co-designers from Richard Meiers office or/and visit Labics, design office.

Jun 15, 2018


Final colloquium: Lecture and discussion with expert from Municipal offices/ ordine dei Architetti (Association of Italian Architects). Final group dinner at the converted SAID Chocolate factory.

Jun 16, 2018


Optional day trip to Florence.

Jun 17, 2018


Free day.

Jun 18, 2018


Departure day

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Earn up to 27.5 hours of

continuing education.


Adaptive reuse, questions of sustainable urban renewal and long term preservation

Jewish Ghetto Urban topics:

Neighborhood tour of the Jewish Ghetto, an introduction to a residential area with a rich social, cultural and urban history. An example of how a community adapted over the centuries into a very small confined area, maintained the historical/archeological heritage and kept it’s strong identity despite demolitions and social cleaning acts.

2 hours HSW

Emperors as Architects:

Tour of Hadrians' Villa, the emperors headquarters outside of Rome, an extraordinary archeological area representing, up to today, a utopian urban model. Decisively influencing the birth of the Renaissance, the classical Architecture was envisioned by a well traveled, sophisticated and design competent emperor. Participants will witness the effects of both slow and fast decay over the millennia and the various preservation techniques applied in recent times.

4 hours HSW

Ancient Architecture and Archeology: 

Introductory lecture and site visit of S. Clemente, a multi-tiered complex of buildings, composed of the present church (11th cent), an earlier basilica (4th-century), a mithraeum (2nd cent), the home of a Roman nobleman built on the foundations of republican era villa and warehouse. Participants will experience a vertical time traveling entering a Christian church at the current street level, descending through the medieval structures underneath until arriving at the lowest levels of the Roman home two millennium earlier.

1 hour HSW (lecture), 2 hours HSW (site visit with expert)

19th Century Architecture in Rome: 

Visit the Testaccio hill and neighborhood tour of an area that served since Roman times for food storage and food distribution.  Visit of the Mattatoio  (the Municipal Slaughterhouse), today transformed and adaptively re-used as a Campus by the Department of Architecture of the University of Rome Tre. The visitors will be invited to participate at a workshop with a local Architecture professors and the architect (S.Cordeschi)  in charge of the remodeling of the once abandoned industrial site of the old slaughterhouse.

2 hours HSW (tour), 2 hours HSW (workshop)

Industrial Architecture and Archeology 20th Century: 

Visit the area of Ostiense, a former industrial neighborhood that underwent radical changes once the 19th cent infrastructures like the power & gas plants, the port, the warehouses, the factories and the various industrial structures were no longer used. In particular the Museo Montemartini and Mercati Generali, Dogana Vecchia, Depositi Generali, have been renovated and found new of adaptive reuse. Visit Architecture Studio Insula in the neighborhood in charge of re-designing the area of S. Paolo fuori le Mura. Dinner at the old Porto Fluviale, a former industrial warehouse.

2-3 hours HSW (tour)

Fascist Architecture Renewal 20th Century:

Visit the area of Piazza Augusto Imperatore, the mausoleum, i.e. the demolished auditorium and learn about Mussolini's urban renewal in the 1930's. Understanding on site Mussolini role was as demolitore/costruttore, what he decided needed to be destroyed, what he valued to preserve, what he adaptively reused (Ara Pacis) and what was built new. Visit the nearby site of the Ara Pacis and visit the Museum designed by R. Meier. Meet architects/heads from the Soprintendenza Beni Culturali offices, Via S. Michele, Roma.

1 hour HSW (Lecture on site), 2 hours HSW (Visit)


Renaissance Italy in Florence: 

This day trip will allow the participants to visit some of the most important buildings in the history of Renaissance Architecture such as the Duomo and the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Capelle Medicee, the Palazzo Strozzi, the Palazzo Ruccellai and the Uffizi next to the Palazzo Vecchio as well as the Palazzo Davanzati. 

The focus of the visit will be two-fold; on one hand to experience first-hand the architecture, the arts and the sculptures of the most influential periods in the history of western architecture in its urban context and on the other hand to explore the relationship between the reuse of historic buildings and preservation strategies at present times.  

8 hours​

Final Architecture Colloquium: 

Lecture and discussion with experts from Municipal offices/ ordine dei Architetti (Association of Italian Architects) on the topic of Adaptive reuse, questions of sustainable urban renewal and long-term preservation. 

1.5 hours HSW (lecture)​

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