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Attendee Pricing:​
  • AIA Iowa Member- Full Access- $210
  • Non-Member- Full Access- $240
  • ISU Arch Full-time Faculty & Students- FREE 


Rebuilding from the Inside Out - Transforming the Flint Public Library ( 1 LU/HSW )
Toby Olson, AIA 

In the face of incredible adversity, the Flint Public Library began the process to transform itself into a modern and flexible beacon for learning in the community.  With a vision centered on creating a facility that is just, confident, and aspirational, the library remade itself from the inside out.  This session will describe how transformation begins, provide the tools and lessons learned in the process, and share the result. By bridging community and action, this future forward process proves that transformation can happen at any scale.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about libraries as the great equalizers in our society and how they must be made and remade to serve the specific needs of their communities and be a welcoming space for all.

  2. Explain how libraries are re-thinking and adapting services, spaces, and programs to the changing needs of staff, patrons, and the community and providing a more equitable, diverse range of learning environments.

  3. Identify how the owner/architect team though building design can, in conjunction with staff, patrons, and community, lead others towards inspiring solutions increased engagement with and a sense of connection to occupants and community members 

  4. Understand how the Flint Public Library, as a case study, demonstrates design best practices for health, safety, and welfare.

(This workshop is sponsored by The Weitz Company)



Diversity is a Superpower: Enhancing Public Engagement ( 1 LU/HSW )
Molly Hanson

The Downtown DSM: Future Forward project was a short-term economic recovery/long-term vibrancy and vitality plan for downtown Des Moines.  While the main client was the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the effort was a collaboration between various entities that have an interest in the changing dynamics of the city in a ‘post-pandemic’ world.  Using the public engagement process for this project as a case study, we’ll discuss the pre, current, and post pandemic best practices when it comes to inclusive community engagement, what we learned and how we can build upon success in the future. Through meaningful relationship building, community engagement can elevate design to address and improve the health, safety and welfare of future users with particular emphasis on historically marginalized individuals and groups.

Learning Objectives

  1. Developing partnerships that expand community understanding and meaningful relationships between designers and stakeholders to understand community needs and how best to meet them while providing safe, resilient environments for building occupants and users.      

  2. Meeting stakeholders where they are and taking steps together to design and build a post-pandemic world that will safeguard health and inclusivity both in the building process and through the lifetime of the building with the goal of improving health and well-being of the community and building users. 

  3. Ongoing and transparent communication throughout the entire process to ensure that the users of the building will have equitable access, advance their experience as an individual, and benefit the surrounding community. 

  4. Advocate for safe and resilient building that will serve the community needs and be good for the client, community, and users of the space long-term.

(This workshop is sponsored by RDG Planning & Design)



Feeding the Community: A New Home for DMARC ( 1 LU/HSW )
Matt Unger, DMARC & Evan Shaw, AIA 

DMARC is a Des Monies based, non-profit food bank distributor who outgrew their outdated
facility due to the drastic increase in food insecurity. INVISION designed a new headquarters
that expanded their food distribution program, allowed for programming opportunities to
encourage social interaction, and brought all operations under one roof. This course will focus
on the project planning, design & social impact to combat food insecurity.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand food insecurity and the challenges it creates 

  2. Learn who DMARC is and how the design of their new building aids in storage, sorting, and distribution of foodstuffs to combat food insecurity. With a new warehouse with additional space and refrigeration DMACR can more readily succeed in their mission to meet basic human needs for the greater Des Moines community.

  3. Explore how the project reused an existing big-box grocery store, increased efficiency, and enabled equitable access.

  4. Understand how the new location provides space for greater programing and administrative operations through dedicated office spaces and training rooms away from the warehouse and loading dock. 

(This workshop is sponsored by Ball Team)


Leveraging the IRA to Center Equity in Design ( 1 LU/HSW )

Jacob Serfling, Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition

Shifting new construction projects to a decarbonized, all-electric design is critical for meeting climate change mitigation targets, ensuring a just and equitable energy transition, and delivering health and economic benefits to building occupants. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) created many new federal and state-implemented programs that architects can use to encourage clients to pursue a decarbonized building design. This session will help attendees familiarize themselves with these new opportunities and how they can be integrated into project decisions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will be able to explain how decarbonized, all-electric building design promotes equity by mitigating building sector climate impacts, shielding end-users from fossil fuel price volatility, and removing sources of negative indoor air-quality (IAQ) health impacts.

  2. Attendees will be able to identify how new tax credits and rebate programs created through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can be leveraged by clients and encourage them to pursue a high-efficiency, decarbonized building.         

  3. Attendees will understand how requirements for DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) certification, required for expanded residential construction tax credits, can be integrated into project design.

  4. Attendees will understand how new federal and state programs differ from current state/utility program offerings and best practices for braiding these incentives.  

(This workshop is sponsored by IMEG & Allen Consulting Group, Inc.)


Finding your Fit: Creating Culture and Community in Practice ( 1 LU )
Naura Heiman Godar, AIA, Ashley Baldwin, Assoc. AIA, Alexander Michl, Assoc. AIA, Kate Thuesen, AIA

This moderated panel discussion will give a look into the various career paths within Iowa's community of Architects and Designers. The panelists will bring insight about their creative roles, the experiences that have shaped their careers, and how they found their fit. Opportunities for more in-depth questions will be available. This session is intended for Students, Young Professionals and those licensed less than 10 years.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand unique opportunities and resources to develop and empower your architectural career path. 

  2. Apply new strategies for influencing work culture and the effects on productivity and engagement of your colleagues. 

  3. Learn to identify, evaluate, and align you and your firms core values.

  4. Inspire and cultivate a career that brings joy to the unique interests of you and your community.

(This workshop is sponsored by Neumann Monson Architects)

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