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September 26-27, 2019

Des Moines, Iowa

Thank you for joining us for the 2019 AIA Iowa Convention.

Our SENSIBILITY is informed by environmental factors across many scales – local, regional, and global – as such, individuals often vary within an ensemble. As designers, we have the ABILITY to shape our profession and our surroundings – despite a growing number of complex forces exerting their influence. Collective reflection upon the cause-and-effect of our SENSIBILITIES is required to have a positive impact upon the trajectory of our practice and the settings we create. 

The design community has the ability and responsibility to draw inspiration from and respond to both the material and immaterial of our current era while addressing the complex emotional and aesthetic influences that affect us all. Tangible issues of materials, form, and context make up our buildings and cities and possess inherent visual, tactile, and even olfactive qualities that stimulate our senses. Intangible topics of technology, compensation, and social equality add to the complex navigation of today’s field. The people we engage - clients, consultants, or colleagues - all bring varying perspectives that we must be cognizant of to maximize their potential.  An acute degree of consciousness is required to fully understand and respond to these factors accordingly.


It requires SENSIBILITY but with action; it requires SENSABILITY.

Lyndley Kent, AIA

AIA Iowa Convention Committee Co-Chair

Eric Neuhaus, AIA

AIA Iowa Convention Committee Co-Chair

Lyndley and Eric 3.jpg

Meet our Keynotes.

Our 2019 keynotes came from across the U.S.

They came to share their

diverse work,





"What a privilege it is to practice architecture – a human, and humane, art with the power to

improve lives,

heal the earth,

create beauty,

and unify us all."

JoAnn Hindmarsh Wilcox, AIA


Seattle, WA

in situ (in-ˈsi-tü): 

adj. in the natural,


or appropriate position


Erin Sterling Lewis, AIA and Matt Griffith, AIA


in situ studio

Raleigh, NC


Through investigation, analysis and testing, ARO creates designs that unite the conceptual and the pragmatic within a strong, coherent vision. 

Stephen Cassell, FAIA


New York, NY

Our work lands at the intersection of past and present, of tradition and innovation. We seek to balance a specificity of place with what is common and understood – engaging but advancing those materials, methods, and systems familiar to our region in new and innovative ways.


Brandon Pace, FAIA

Sanders Pace

Knoxville, TN

Thank you to our sponsors.

Action Reprographics
Convention Signage 


Commercial New Construction Program- Awards Celebration

Confluence- Cocktail Party

Downing Construction- Friday Breakfast

Graham Construction- Friday Lunch

Holmes Murphy & Associates - Thurs. Afternoon Break

IMEG Corp- Thurs. Afternoon Break

Integrated Studio- Special Exhibit, AIA Photo Contest

ISU Architecture- Keynote Speaker- Erin Sterling Lewis & Matt Griffith

J+J Flooring Group-
Friday Afternoon Break 

KCL Engineering- Cocktail Party

KFPP- Friday Lunch

Marvin Windows & Doors- Special Exhibit, ISU Student Display

Masonry Institute of Iowa- Masonry Awards

Miron Construction Co.- Cocktail Party

MMC Contractors- Cocktail Party

Pella- Pella AXP Sponsorship

Raker Rhodes Engineering, LLC- Cocktail Party

RCS Millwork- Registration Desk Construction 

SGH Inc.- Cocktail Party

Stetson Building Products- Registration Desk Storage 

Trivalent Lighting Studio, LLC- Breakfast, Friday

U.S. CAD- Hospitality 

West Plains Engineering- Cocktail Party

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