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Why architektōn?

The role of the Architect has changed throughout history. Architects had early acknowledgement through the Greek term, “architektōn” which is derived from two parts, ‘archi’ meaning ‘chief’ and tektōn meaning ‘builder’, defining the profession as chief or master builders. As construction techniques and building complexity have expanded, separation of the role of the architect and builder has occurred. Although Architect’s are now known as individuals who design buildings and often supervise construction, Architects still have the opportunity to be recognized as the leading professional in the design and construction industries.

Working in the collaborative realm of today’s construction industry Architects work to create elegant design solutions that address a range of functional, structural, and environmental needs. Architektōn hopes to acknowledge the areas where architects have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and help re-establish our profession as an expert in a broad industry. How can technology be utilized to support and accelerate our profession? How can we push our designs further to address social and environmental changes? What alternative services can we provide to demonstrate unique skillsets?   

Please join us in celebrating the importance of highlighting the skillsets Architects provide or could provide for the design and construction profession and the impact we have on the community.


Learn from 4 Keynote Speakers and over 20 workshop selections


Be the first to hear from our exhibitors about their new products and services by visiting their virtual exhibit booths


Our speakers selections are known to INSPIRE! Participate in one or ten and go back to the office ready to design better.


Connect with new and old contacts through our Whova app! Make your virtual experience extra special! 

Introducing our 2020 Lineup: 


Who can I contact with questions?

Email Amy Spike at or call her at 515.244.7502.


When can I register?

How about now? Register here.

What's the schedule of this event?

Find our full schedule, keynote speakers, and virtual exhibit hall details here.

I'm a speaker, where do I find workshop information?

Our speaker deadline has passed! Thanks for your interest.

I'm an exhibitor, where's my info?

Click the link in the menu above or here and find everything you're looking for.

I want to sponsor this event, how do I do that?
Thank you! We'd love your support and have options for every budget size. Click here!


What about the CSR Awards?

We are excited to host the 2020 CSR Awards. Find details here.  Entry forms to participate will be due on August 12, final entries submitted electronically by August 13. 


What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this event, we're unable to offer refunds. Questions? Contact Vicki at

When will receive the information on how to connect? 

You will receive information about how to connect to our virtual convention the Friday, September 18th. Stay tuned to your email for more details. 

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